Frequently asked questions

What Is Boomslang? What Does The Company Do?

Boomslang is the new era of modern web development, young, hungry and passionate about what we do we strive to create high quality sites that will help your business flourish. Not only do we create websites we offer services involving the management and promoting of your social media and web pages. We also share our journey in other niches such as investing and lifestyle.

Can You Ceate A Website For Me?

Yes! We offer web development as our main service, other services include, online advertising, content creation and email marketing. Contact us or visit 'Our Services' page to find out more infromation and get a free quote.

How Much Do You Charge For A Website?

The pricing varies for every project, due to some projects being more complex than others . We like to keep our prices lower than other companies as we calculate the exact work needed to build the site and therefore don't over price the site for the work needed.