Social Media Advertising

If you want to seriously increase sales and traffic to your services or products,  you need targeted online advertising. 

We use effective targeting techniques to drive powerful promotions to only users who are interested in your business niche. By doing this the likelihood of achieving a higher conversion rate increases and allows us to track engagement analytics. Not only are we able to target your ideal market, we are able to re-target users who already frequently engage with your content but may not have converted to a paying customer. Finally, using the power of Facebook advertising, we are able to deliver unique promotions to already existing customers.


Stop relying on flyers and word of mouth, start investing in modern methods that are proven to increase sales.


Social Media Management

In this modern fast-paced world, content is king! 

Here at Boomslang, we work with our clients to create exciting content that truly captivates their community. We make sure your social media is set up for business and is ready to start driving traffic to your services or products, whilst conveying your story through your content.

Here is some of the previous content we have created for our client's social media.


Promotional Videos 

Here at Boomslang we work to create high quality engaging videos & content for your business or personal brand. 


We turn your creative ideas into reality with engaging content that conveys just how great your brand is. Whether you need a new promotional video for a product or service or exciting content to spice up your social media feeds, Boomslang covers it all!