How To Make A Website For FREE

Tired of over priced Web designer quotes to build your website?? Good news is you don't even need a web designer to build a website, because you can build it yourself. Now this may seem like a huge task to many and very costly but I am going to show you how its even easier and will save you your wallet in the long run!

Now before we get started there is a huge range of website genres so in this tutorial I am going to show you how to create a website for a blog/information site

You Will Need:

  • A computer (of course) :)

  • WIX Website Builder

  • Small budget (for running paid ad's + optimising site)

That's it, easy as that.

So to get started go ahead and login in to your Wix account. Or Sign Up if you haven't already, you don't want to miss out! Once you have logged in, create a new site and select 'create a website yourself with the Wix editor'. This will then take you to the template selection, as you can see below there is a huge selection of templates available, from coming soon, to a freelancer, to even blank templates if you wish to create a fully unique design.

Once you have found a suitable template simply hover over and select edit to begin customising the design to suit your business needs.

Wix has a very user friendly layout. All the editing tools are on the left hand side, where you can change almost everything from the background colour to the colour of the navigation buttons. Simply select the drop down and choose from a plethora of design options. Add shapes, social media streams, galleries etc. Bring your site to life with the interactive tools.

interact with elements by simply double-clicking. This will then allow you to further change the settings of every single item.

One of Wix's unique features that makes it a powerful website creator is the ability to customise and optimise your site for mobile view. This is so important! The numbers show that people are more likely to view your site from a mobile then from a PC. So make sure your site is fully optimised and looks professional on mobile too!

Make sure you frequently save your work when using Wix, you can name your site here also. If you already have a domain you can connect that here to.

Wix is a fantastic tool for those that wish to create high quality professional sites with a lot of freedom when customising and creating a unique site. Look out for our other more in depth tutorials showing you how to create your site in more detail from beginning to end.

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