Fitness Changed My Mindset & Business

Fitness changed my business and my mindset!

It's true it helped to create a new mindset, I think the greatest skill gym/fitness teaches you is discipline. Now its great if your into your health & fitness and enjoy getting out and doing it, but the one thing that holds a lot of people back from making maximum progress is putting the work in when you don't feel like it.

Gym, boxing and fitness in general have taught me that hard work when your tired matters, that giving it your all when your not at your max is important.

Physical, mental and emotional well-being are the foundations of your business and your life, these are key for your success. You cannot expect to build a successful brand on unstable foundations.

The hardest thing for me was finding the balance! I struggled for months finding a Balance between business and gym. I finally cracked it and realised it's about getting the work done in the time you set and creating a schedule for the fitness.

A technique I recently started using for good results is the Navy Seals 40% rule. This technique is used when you reach your 'max' your actually only about 40% at your actual maximum. It's all the mind and so when you reach your point where you can't do another rep, do more. Even if it takes you another few minutes to get more reps in, as long as you maintain great form you should be giving it all you have got. Now you don't need to go past failure on all sets but at least one exercise per workout can really help with progression.

My tips for success in fitness:

  • Create a schedule and give your all to stick to it!

  • find a training partner - extra motivation

  • use the navy seals 40% rule - go to failure and then do more!

  • Eat well and maintain hydrated - nutrition is actually more important than the work in the gym!

One product I owe credit to is MYPROTEIN powder. This product is top quality and is a personal favourite of mine. I usually have one scoop with some almond milk after every workout. If your in the market looking for any fitness supplements then MYPROTEIN is your best choice for a wide range of flavours and the best quality!

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