2018 The Breakthrough Year - Grind, Hustle, Rise

2018 is the year the hard work will start to pay-off. The results will show and take us to that next level of business. No Im not really a fan of this 'new year, new me' but 2018 is going to be the year it all falls into place. I do believe however a new year means new opportunities and a new platform to go out there and kill the grind.

Here are 5 things that Im going to be executing to help scale me and my business from this point onwards not just for 2018.

1. Speed Is Everything In Business

The greatest lesson I have learnt in 2017 is that speed of execution matters in business. Getting sh*t done is really important. At the start of the year when I launched Boomslang I was wasting a lot of time creating and testing over and over again. This meant that it took months before I was ready to launch and have only recently found my business flow. So from now on when I plan to launch, create or work on content I will execute what needs to be done with speed ( whilst continuing to further increase the quality of my content).

2. Consistency is Key

Another thing I wasn't doing when I first launched back in February was maintaining a consistent presence online both with social and web based content. This meant BSWD had several months of low traffic and low engagement all because I wasn't sticking to a plan! Now I have one and the consistency is helping me to produce great content on a daily basis.

3. Remove The Distractions

My greatest goal for my business and myself to succeed is to continue to remove myself from the rest of society who seem distracted. Now this is not everyone but the vast majority of people are not focused on creating a better future. This year I have managed to remove myself from a number of situations and people that would only slow my growth and potentially destroy my grind. It's all about your environment. The best thing you can do is remove anyone that you don't speak to, support you, help you or who is motivated to create a greater future, even if that means dropping 'friends'. If they aren't supporting you then they aren't your friend. So far this has been a great catalyst for me and allows me to remain 100% focused on me.

4. Increase The Fitness

Now I have created a plan for my business I want to stick to a gym schedule. As I have mentioned in previous posts, physical and mental health is everything and fits perfectly with consistency and remove distractions. Fitness keeps your mind and body at peak performance which you then naturally carry over into your business.

5. Work Harder Than You Ever Have Before

I realise that everything I'm doing now is the foundations of my future. This year has been a setup for 2018 and will project me for years to come. 2018 Will be the year we work harder than ever to achieve everything they said we would never achieve. Through all the points listed above and hard work you can achieve almost anything you set your mind to.

If you found value here and would like to join the movement then start now by sharing and liking this post on your social media. Thank you in advance.

- Ty

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