My Crypto Investments For 2018 - Will It Last?

So over the course of 2017 we have seen a huge gain from all of the top coins, it has been a rollercoaster journey so far but has been a profitable one at that. I believe there is still money to be made in this market and will continue to hold Bitcoin for the long game. If it dips below £10K I will think about buying more but I want to look at investing into the smaller Alt coins.

In 2018 I believe we will see certain coins crash out at a lower price and only a handful of coins start to take off and become the coin of choice globally. Why do I think this will happen? Well currently there is a variety of different coins. Each coin has a special quality making slightly different from the next. However, I believe that this growing selection of coins could create an unstable market as it does not seem possible for all coins to go up. Therefore I believe that some coins will crash, which ones that is exactly I couldn't say just yet.

I would recommend having a look at coins such as Ripple, Dash and NEO. As always ladies and gents make sure to do your own research before you start investing as it isn't just a get rich quick money market. This market is volatile and you can lose your money just as quickly as you make it!

So to sum up my investments for 2018 I will continue to add to my Bitcoin & Ethereum investments, holding them for the long run. However, 2018 will be the year I journey into the smaller Alt-coins hopefully before we see them take off within the next few years (fingers crossed).


Use this site to keep an eye on the smaller coins -

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